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350.org Charlotte

GASTONIA, , North Carolina 28052

Clean Water for North Carolina

29 1/2 Page Ave
Asheville, North Carolina 28801

Since 1984 Clean Water for North Carolina (CWFNC, formerly the Clean Water Fund of North Carolina) has worked for clean, safe communities and workplaces with hundreds of communities and thousands of North Carolinians. CWFNC is a private non-profit membership organization serving residents across the state of North Carolina. We have a very active and diverse board and staff, dozens of volunteers and hundreds of members who work hard to make North Carolina a better place. We have helped people in every county of North Carolina through organizing and technical assistance, and have been a key player in many statewide environmental issues. CWFNC researches environmental problems, analyzes public policy, and educates and empowers people. Skilled, confident and knowledgeable people who remain active in their communities are among our most important achievements.

Clean Water for North Carolina

29 1/2 Page Avenue
Asheville, North Carolina 28801

Our organization has three main areas of work: 1. Empowered, Just Communities Building awareness of citizen environmental rights and skills for taking action. We can help your community get organized, develop a strategy and take action! 2. Polluter Accountability Organizing and research to strenthen enforcement for community protection, and enhancing citizen control of local and state environment and economy. We can work with you to review permits, document violations, or even to get commitments from a polluter in your community. 3. Safe Water For All Working with citizens to protect and restore rivers, streams and lakes, and improve water quality standards. We can work with you to document stream health, sediment damage and its sources. We empower people in communities across the state to take action on well contamination, get involved in Superfund cleanups, and advocate for more protective well and groundwater regulations, as well as fair and affordable water pricing.

Croatan Earth First!

105 West Main St., loft 2
Durham, North Carolina 27001

Hi, I am an individual who is very much concerned about fracking in the area where I live, Durham, North carolina. If I may be at any help to oppose fracking in NC, please contact me! Please advise all possible ways of how I can participate in opposing fracking. Thank you, Kateryna Alkhimova

Croatan Earth First!

405 W Franklin St
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516

Croatan Earth First! focuses on defending the wild communities of the piedmont and coastal plain of North Carolina, but because problems like climate change have no boundaries, we sometimes have to fight projects outside of our home. This area is being overwhelmed by new development and is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. We are the last haven for numerous imperiled species, such as the piping plover, loggerhead sea turtle, red-cockaded woodpecker, as well as numerous endemic freshwater fish and clams.

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