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not sure 

A lobbying event is being planned for June at the State Capital in H-burg. I'll try to get more info and forward. Also, Should I assume you already know about Iris Marie Bloom and Protecting Our Waters? They're doing a lot of work in the Phila. area

Ohio Sierra Club 

January 10th, 2011 Photo Courtesy of ODNR Through a collaboration of the Sierra Club and other environmental organization across the state, a letter was submitted to the Governors office, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and the local officials in Jefferson County. In a recent and fast moving development, the state has proposed a plan to sell the Jefferson Lake State Park to Jefferson County. This may not seem problematic on the surface, but the danger lies in the details! The state has seen dwindling funds to run the state park and keep up with increasing maintenance costs. This has forced them to find other ways to keep the park open, which could include oil and gas drilling once the park exchanges hands from the state to Jefferson County. The County has stated that it intends to open areas of the park to oil and natural gas drilling, greatly increasing the potential environmental impact. The state should not sell the park, but find other ways to fund this great public resource so people in Jefferson County and across the state can continue to enjoy the great outdoors at Jefferson Lake State Park. Click here to read the Jefferson Lake Letter Filed. For more news on this issue click here. And to take action on this issue click here!


Message Are Ohio State Parks Only Worth $1? To whom it may concern: I am writing in opposition to the sale of Jefferson Lake State Park to Jefferson County. I am outraged that the state is considering to sell our park for a measly $1 to allow for drilling and timbering. All state parks belong to Ohio taxpayers, and the people of Ohio need to be heard! If the sale goes through, Jefferson County officials plan to turn this beloved park into oil fields and fragmented forests. The people of Ohio have supported the preservation of our state's natural legacy regardless of the economic times or political party. In fact, our state park system was started during the Great Depression. Once again, it is time for the state to uphold the public trust, to protect our parks from sale to Big Oil and Gas, and to allow all of the stakeholders their right to participate in this process. A back door deal is not in the public interest of Ohio's most precious lands. Timbering, drilling, access roads, and construction result in habitat destruction, water contamination, air pollution, odors, noise, and toxic by-products. I've lived in the beautiful Ohio Valley all my life. I remember going to the park as a child and as an adult, I enjoy it even more because I am an avid equestrian. To think that someone would allow that beautiful park to be destroyed for $1 is almost unimaginable. Has anyone seen the move "Gaslands" by Josh Fox? I am sure that Tom Gentile and anyone else involved in the sale have not. I am sure if they would view that film and seen the devastation to the environment and the habitat that these gas drilling companies leave behind, that they would change their minds and wouldn't be so quick to sell. A measly dollar for all that land "ruined"! As a devout environmentalist and concerned local citizen, I'd like to up the ante and place my bid for $5, so Jefferson County and Ohio's parklands are protected forever. What's to become of the homes, farmlands, and habitat in that area? Are you aware of all the problems in PA with the gas drilling/hydraulic fracturing? The entire small town of Dimock, PA is ruined! There drinking water full of methane, the environment and habitat no longer sustainable. The concerned citizen's of Jefferson County will not allow this to happen and are sending a clear message to them to withdraw and leave this beautiful park alone! I am asking you too to intervene on our behalf to stop this travesty. PLEASE DO NOT SELL THE PARK TO JEFFERSON COUNTY! WE DO NOT WANT HYDRALIC FRACTURING OR DESTRUCTION OF THIS BEAUTIFUL PARK! WE REQUEST THE OHIO DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES TAKE BACK THEIR OFFER TO SALE THE PARK TO JEFFERSON COUNTY FOR $1. The sale of Jefferson Lake State Park would set a bad precedent for the entire state park system, and I expect Ohio's last remaining natural areas to be preserved for future generations to come. As a leader, it is your responsibility to keep this promise to Ohio that our lands will not be sold off, drilled, mined, or compromised in any way. Please reject any proposal to sell and open up Jefferson Lake State Park to drilling and clear-cutting! Please protect all state parks! Sincerely, Susan Long 1056 Township Road 263 Bergholz, OH 43908 740 317-7171


i get a kick out of how gas companies advertise how clean natural gas is, but they fail to tell the truth how getting it can damage the enviroment, possibly have long term effects on peoples health, and can caause the younger generation to pay a hell of a price to clean up the devasting effects which will surely be left behind by the ruthless gas companies. it is amasing how they can brain wash the people of this state into beleving their campains. people need to wake up before it's to late. we will never lease our farm in southern columbia county pa. i will defend it to the last drop. what's going on can make even the most passive people take actions they would not think possible.

Rio Grande Watchdogs 

Hughes Oil is planing on getting around the 3 mile baseline water test by bypassing the Rio Grande County Regs and going back to COGCC rules. Let the Commissioners know we want them to honor the regs we fought so hard to put in place. Rio Grande Watchdogs facebook page for more information.

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